Who is the Creator of The Parachute Goddess Project

Wrote by Laylonna L Hurley, Edited by Michelle Edwards Szynskie

The Parachute Goddess Project is a female movement to enhance, encourage and embrace females' unique beauty in a 5 book series for Barnes & Noble book store. For our 3rd book in the series, we are working in association with Breast Cancer Awareness to promote female health. As with all of our books, a portion will be donated to charity. For the 3rd book, a percentage of the proceeds will go to an organization to find a cure for breast cancer.

About the Author/Creator/Photographer for this project:

Laylonna L Hurley started in the modeling/fashion industry when she was 13 years old when she and some friends were at the mall and a modeling scout approached her. He offered her to come in for headshots and meet the agency staff. She was signed with Elle Modeling Management and modeled off and on for several years. When on long sets the photographer handed her a camera and told her to get some behind the scene shots, not being familiar with the camera, and being told to figure it out she did just that. From that time love for creating began. She has been doing photography full-time for 34 years.

She always dreamt of being a traveling photographer with a mission. She set out to do just that in 2019, starting in California, right after the wildfires, she wanted to create the concept of "Beauty From The Ashes '. So Laylonna and her models spent the week traveling the coastline and up to the Hollywood sign where one of her models gifted her with a parachute. That is when "The Parachute Project" began to develop. While being a guest judge at a fashion show in Colorado Springs she got the idea for a goddess project using only fabric she purchased from Walmart. She and America's Next Top Model participant Victoria Henley went up to Garden of the Gods and within 5 mins Laylonna had pinned the fabric around the supermodel in greek goddess toga style.

She now travels coast to coast connecting females through "The Parachute Goddess Project". Laylonna had no clue how strong this little parachute movement would be. Nor could she have predicted the symbolism the parachute would represent for so many. It became a physical representation of every pain or obstacle the participants were holding onto from the past. For many, the negative images and thoughts of themselves in the weight of the large heavy parachutes, which they were now in control of gave them the power to release themselves. Most recently invitations to present her parachute goddesses at runways have come, including during NYFW.

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