Must be a certain body size for this....

How many times have we as women seen this? A Commercial, advertisement for a beauty product, use this and be beautiful, look 10 years young and the model really doesn't need anything they are trying to sell you, because on the surface she is flawless....But when artist create an ad/Casting for a Model pops up on your social media newsfeed or online or whatever, you have to be 5'9, be "playboy" / "Fit" body shape... what is a "playboy" body shape??? How about, Models must be willing to be a muse? emote? express? Instead of doing a casting for a certain type of beauty how about accepting all forms of beauty? If you are stating you are empowering women with a movement you are doing but put a standard on the "types" of women you wish to empower, are you really empowering them? All women are beautiful and deserve to be empowered. Not all women are 5'9 or taller, not all women have an hour glass figure or fitness queens, some of us are short & petite, some have curves, some even may be a tad bit more curvier than others, some may be tall and skinny, curvy, shapely etc.. to put a stereotype on a body form is not empowering to me, it is an understatement that if you do not fit this certain body shape than you are less than and in no way should you be empowered! And in no way, shape or form am I saying Modeling or Females with great body shapes, size etc.

are bad... and should be looked down upon, I'm saying that ALL women/Girls/Females should be appreciated, we should empower everyone not just the ones we feel will make our brand soar or fill our pockets with more money! I scream hell no! This is why I am pushing the Parachute Goddess Project ™ to empower all shapes, size, age and culture of females. I want to truly EMPOWER you to love yourself and the skin your in. I want to teach you that imperfections are perfectly beautiful in every way. I want to educate others not to put such standards and stereotypical definitions and labels on beauty! I want you to enhance the females around you and ones that cross your page, even the ones that don't know your name... EMPOWER them all by allowing them to EMBRACE their beauty! In return you empower a future generation of females!

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