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The Parachute Goddess Project™ - Roswell, NM- Leap Year Experience

Join Us as we embark on another epic adventure, as Our New Mexico host sets another experience in Roswell, aliens and deserts what could be better... Oh yea PARACHUTES!

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Roswell, Roswell, NM

About the Event

The PGP is an experience of self-awareness and enlightenment to encourage females of all age, shape, size and culture to embrace the beauty of their goddess within. We set a platform like no other, we are giving and experience for self-awareness of our own self. 

Laylonna L Hurley has hand-crafted real parachutes into dresses/skirts to fit every girl no matter age, shape or size, she tested this theory out in New Mexico at the white sands national monument, where she put an 8 year old into the red & white ( popcorn) chute and later dressed the little girl’s mother in the same chute. It was amazing to see. and even more so that they mother & daughter got to experience it together. 

The PGP experience creates a bond, a unity of connection between the females that are becoming our goddesses, one that we believe will last a lifetime, and the experience creates an emotion of self-love that we believe will also last a lifetime with our sisters.

We do hope we gain more sisters as we continue to reach out and bring the experience to many locations in the US and international as well...

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