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Creating this Project has been one of the greatest enjoyments of my career, after 33 years in this industry, I have found my calling, and it has always been one of uplifting and embracing my clients. When I first shot the parachute it was so surreal, I reconstructed it into a skirt that would fit every shape and size of a female form, I have repeated this step to 18 more. With my team and parachutes we travel the US and hopefully soon the world empowering women to embrace their beauty and to let go of all the obstacles that have held them back. We became sisters, a unity, an army strong of female empowerment.


Creative Consultant

Adela is an award winning artist, Brand Ambassador, Model/Pose Coach. She teaches on the spot Goddess Training Courses. She is also an award winning MUA/Designer/Artist, she is an inspirational speaker, creative marketing director and also the second photographer on locations. She helps keep the models safe as they enjoy their experience, she creates the atmosphere for each model, she is also an author of T.R.I.M and has also experienced and embraced her goddess as well..


MUA/Tech Assistant

Casie is an award winning artist from Jacksonville who works closely with Adela. She is an author, entrepreneur, mother and wife. She is a jack of all trades, she is a MUA, 3rd photographer, assistant and with the help from her husband Josh, who has become our expert on the go in equipment technology. She has also experienced and embraced her goddess..


Marketing Coordinator

After Michelle and her Granddaughter Brenna experienced their own Parachute Goddess Project. Michelle wanted to be involved in the PGP and quickly became an assets to our team.



Marketing Coordinator & PR

Michelle and her granddaughter experienced the Parachute Goddess Project in Colorado Springs at the Garden of the Gods, Brenna quickly become our second brand ambassador with her fierce posing and expression and their stories touched our hearts & souls. With innovated thoughts, ideas and belief in the project we were honored to make her part of the team.


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